I cannot say enough about this company! In our specific case, there was blip in the procedure.  Without going into details, they came to plate and quickly hit a house run! This company is one among the great ones. I would not waste any time with any one else!

Rosemary Charles

These guys installed solar systems on our homes and we are now planning to make them install on the new home before end of year.  They make use of high quality materials and get knowledgeable sales as well as installation teams. I recommend this company highly and like harvesting solar energy on our roof.

James Bond

We had 3 proposals from 3 different solar companies about four years ago.  Only this company’s proposal was the most reasonable.  The installation was done by licensed technicians who did an impeccable, clean and neat installation which continues to do better than rated originally. 

Karen Venice

I like my solar system installed! They did a great work, from sales through to installation. My system only has needed 1 service call in last five years.  These guys were quick and fixed the issue quickly.  GO SOLAR today and have this company do the installation! 

Michael White

We had done many searches and had 4 different contractors come at our home and give us a quote on what would it be to install a solar panel on our house. The cost was really unbelievable, but, once this company explained the options and rebates we saw the worth in investing into Solar. Thank you guys, I cannot just imagine what our bills would be today without energy savings we’ve. 

Russ Jackson

I would recommend them to anybody looking for a reasonably priced and high quality system built by competent, reliable professionals.
I just loved these guys. 

Nancy Drew

I did lots of research prior to even calling any solar companies to receive a quote. This company just looked to be most professional and dependable, so we selected them although they were somewhat more costly than other companies. The system looks excellent, too.

Richard Simon

We took this plunge and went for solar. After meeting out with 5 diverse vendors, this company was least "salesy", most knowledgeable and job turnaround time also was speedy. I highly encourage people to go solar with this company doing the job for you.

Brigitte Kelvin

This company installed 32 panels solar system in our house.  We have been very satisfied with the aesthetics, reliability, and, certainly, power generation of the system.  Everyone from engineer who designed the system to installers and everybody in office has been outstanding to deal with.

Nick Tommy

This company was the wonderful one while getting our solar system installed. They did just what was needed by us. These guys were amazing to deal with.

Kelvin Levis